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Recent decision to extend the shelf life of accounting documents – front organizations accept payment for any services to the population, there were just three interrelated tasks. First, you need some way to rewrite the paper pay stubs for a durable and reliable media. This can be magneto-optical disks or tape cartridges. Secondly, considering the different quality of paper on which are printed receipt scanners should provide accurate with them treatment. Thirdly, the rewriting process and recognition for input to the computer must be fast enough to handle millions of documents per month. Search for suppliers of scanners that can satisfy all three of these conditions, specialists of the company began to Eureka. This is perhaps the only exhibition that presents the opportunity to meet with comprehensive proposals in all price ranges. Generally speaking, the choice of scanners was huge. This equipment was demonstrated at the stands of major manufacturers of computer equipment in all the halls, as well as in the pavilion, specially designed for the banking technology. However, the desired solution, we found only at the national stand of the US, represents production company BancTech.

Briefly about the company BancTec has more than 25 years and has offices in 30 countries, employing more than 4,200 people, is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company offers solutions for the following areas of document processing.

An image processing system.
Product family Image FIRST, developed by the company, are intended for financial instruments, and for full-size pages. They can handle credit card bills, bills for retail sale, phone and tax agenda tickets. Document processing can be conducted at a speed of more than 2000 documents per minute. In banking, the technique can be used for processing checks. Image FIRST Open Arhive product is specifically designed for high-speed archiving of financial documents, documents in full size sheet and related transactional data.

Document management, sorting checks and electronic components.
Integrated data processing and software automation banks.
Processing electronic payments
Banc Tec also provides services for the management of local networks of PCs running Novell, technical support as a service in agreement with Dell, AST Research, Power Computing, PictureTel.

High-speed scanners, document capture mass S Series Since 1996, the company offers the market a series of scanners and S. They attracted our attention on the stand in Hanover. Their capacity is up to 185 double-sided sheets, ie 370 images per minute in A4 or 800 pages of card format A6. These scanners are able to work with a wide range of paper-based forms of various weights and sizes – from tracing paper to cardboard, from receipt to document format A3. The minimum size of a piece of paper with automatic feed – 127 mm h76.2 mm; manual feed 76.2 mm x 63.5 mm. The maximum size for automatic and manual feed is 297 mm x 432 mm. By order of Eureka was made a special feeder for new receipts size 52h200 mm., Used to collect payment for housing and utilities SUCS LC. In the S-Series scanner can shove even self-copying forms, damaged documents and documents with stickers. Processing capabilities of any paper documents provided by applicable scanners direct transport systems. Processed document can have any combination of background colors and text. Most of the functions of the scanner is configured to work with complex scanning documents. Mean time between failures scanner is 5000 hours.

For the convenience of clients, the scanner S series produced with four different kinds of scan speeds – S-70, S-100, S-150, S-185. Models are treated respectively 70/140, 100/200, 150/300 and 185/370 images per minute. All the advanced features of the scanner can be installed directly at the customer. Scanners Series S – the first devices produced in the video, SCSI and client versions.

Standard features provide a flexible video model with manual or automatic loading, auto-correct provisions of the instrument automatically selects the level of lighting, display boundaries, dynamic contrast, stain removal and auto-tilt angle of the document. Resolution 200 or 300 dpi is set programmatically. Additional module allows to increase the resolution to 400 dpi. Black and white or greyscale-scan can be used simultaneously. In the autoloader and the receiver is placed up to 500 documents.

SCSI-model enables additional functions and cropping the image cropping, windowing operation (possibly partition windows 16 per page), a turn through 90 degrees or 180, a barcode recognition (15 format, it is also possible to read codes on a few page) compression image CCITT / 3 or 4, SCSI-out. You can also define the code on the page, or to recognize a nested command card.

At that time, as S-video and scanners in SCSI-versions require a control computer, the client version implements ideologically new solution, including computer control software and image processing inside the scanner. Can be output tiff-files and index files in the network.

For all models can additionally be supplied deformity correction module page in grayscale-mode GrayScale Deskew; SCSI-2 – interface; exception color (red); external barcode reader; lens resolution to 400dpi; device alphanumeric overlay.

The design of the scanner was developed with the possibility of maximizing the use of working time. The rejected document can be stretched a second time without removing the entire stack from the autoloader. The scanner has a self-adjusting sensors, built-in indicators for rapid fault diagnosis tool-free, universal for the front and rear sides of the structure. Possibilities include self-diagnosis digital display error code CPU, sensors inappropriate lighting levels and indicators of functional failures. Scanners have serial ports for external diagnostics and software changes.

BancTech is recognized by the Federal Reserve Bank as a service bureau for the processing of Electronic Payments.  Each month, we process tens of thousands of dollars of transactions and take pride in the speed and accuracy in which the payment process occurs.  We originate payments every business day and provide daily updates to our merchants.

With BancTech, you can accept and process more checks, increase sales and build your business by offering your consumers a liberal check acceptance policy!





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